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Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2023 5:59 am
by parvej878
If you want to receive notifications about my new episodes on YouTube, click! subscribe. To start with, I would like us to divide the page into several sections that I would highlight within the product page: navigation, key information, product options, product description, additional information, similar items, footer. All elements that we add to the page will fit into one of these sections. navigation Even though this is not an element strictly related to the website, it is visible on every product page. It is worth using it, especially since it is not an insignificant background, as many of us may think.

What can we convey through the menu and navigation bar? current place on the website information about where our potential customer is currently, in what department, in what category. In my opinion, it is best to show it as a path. Navigation photo retouching is especially useful on websites that offer a wide range of products. It also provides customers with information on where to look for other types of products they want to buy on our website. "About us" page - is especially important for customers who visit our store's website for the first time.


It they can learn about who we are, how we create our products and why they should buy them from us. A good story in the "About Us" tab can really work wonders, so let's try to make it visible. internal search engine – I mean a search engine that searches in the titles and descriptions on the website. About - % of users visiting our website use it to speed up their search. It may prove to be an invaluable element, especially on websites offering a wide range of products. Key information We usually do not have enough space to include all the elements of the offer a way that the person viewing a given product in our store does not have to scroll through it.